Remote Hiring

Remote work is becoming a normal phenomenon as the effect of the pandemic. As a result, smart employers are trying to access a wider talent pool through remote hiring because they know they need talents and talents can come from anywhere. However, there are several challenges and hassles in remote hiring. We will deal with all the challenges and hassles of your permanent or long-term remote hiring. Your organization just needs to have a B2B agreement with us to enjoy the benefits of permanent or long-term remote hiring through us.

We are working to help organizations and skilled remote IT professionals. We help organizations to get skilled remote IT professionals at reduced cost. On the other hand, we help skilled remote IT professionals to get a decent job with a fair payment. We follow fair-cost-fair-payment policy, so please join us in helping to develop a fair-cost-fair-payment remote hiring-working culture. Please submit a contact request to know more.

Startup Partnership

Choosing the right team members for a startup is key in striving for success. Choosing the wrong team members is one of the major reasons why startups fail. Team members either help to make or break your startup dream. Therefore, choosing the right team members is a must for your startup success. However, finding the right team members is challenging. Especially for IT based startups, getting a skilled IT person (i.e., CTO with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset) in the core team is incredibly challenging and expensive. We offer startups entrepreneurial minded top IT professionals (i.e., CTO) from different countries, in exchange for a ratio of shares and a small monthly payment. We ensure that the entrepreneurial minded top IT professionals will be the game changers to make your startup dream come true. Please submit a contact request to know more.


Creating impact through the power of "We" and "Technologies" | Socially responsible | Purpose and values driven.

  • Provide remote hiring and startup partnership services to develop complete solutions, from idea and product development to secure and manage the products in a cloud environment.
  • Believe in developing well architectural, professionally managed, secured, scalable, quality, and sustainable solutions.
  • Socially responsible, so we emphasize developing solutions that have social impacts.
  • Young, but highly experienced, skilled, energetic and motivated.
  • Follow fair-cost-fair-payment policy.
  • Based in Turku, Finland.


Attiq-ul Islam

Founder & CEO

Attiq-ul Islam is a computer science graduate. He has 10+ years’ experience in software development, IT and doing IT business and has thus gained ample knowledge in these fields over the years. He is passionate about developing valuable solutions that have social impact.

Richard Rajala

Co-founder & Director

Richard Rajala holds a Master’s degree in Political science. Passionate about health, education, sports and other social phenomena in general and how these serve as tools in creating sound societies where individuals can grow and blossom.